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Warman's Jewelry, Identification and Price Guide, By Christie Romero

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Warman's Jewelry

The Bottom Line

An excellent guide to collectible jewelry from the late 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Packed with quality photos and descriptive text. Logical, useful arrangment.


  • Detailed color photos throughout
  • Manufacturers marks are included
  • Pricing information for 1000+ pieces


  • You'll want it to go on and on


  • High resolution color photos on nearly every page; accompanied by detailed descriptions.
  • Arranged by period, then broken down into sub-categories within each.
  • A section for special collectible jewelry covers Native American, Mexican and Scandinavian jewelry.
  • Appendices cover numerous types of manufacturer's marks and other important identification tips.
  • The author lists her board of expert advisors, including Web sites for each if available.
  • Information about numerous auction houses.
  • A timeline helps you equate jewelry manufacturers and jewelry styles with important world events.
  • An extensive reference section leads you to more information about specific types of jewelry.
  • Reproduction alerts offering tips to help you avoid purchasing a knock-off piece of jewelry.

Guide Review - Warman's Jewelry, Identification and Price Guide, By Christie Romero

This Edition of Warman's Jewelry is one you'll want to keep nearby whenever you buy vintage jewelry online or haunt your local flea markets and antique stores. Its major sections include Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Jewelry, Turn-of-the-Century Jewelry, Twentieth-Century Jewelry and Special Jewelry as described in the bulleted area above. Each period is illustrated with photos of numerous jewelry styles and a rundown of manufacturers, and every illustrated piece includes a thorough description, with details about maker's marks if they apply. Everyone who loves vintage jewelry will find it hard to put this book down.
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