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Diamond Laser Inscription

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Diamond Laser Inscription

Diamond Laser Inscription

Photo © Gemological Institute of America. Reprinted with permission.
The trendiest romantics are proving their love by writing it in stone -- on a diamond, that is.

Now lovers can personalize diamond jewelry by having a romantic or secret message engraved on the gem's girdle (outside edge). The technique is called diamond laser inscription.

Diamond laser inscription adds a personal touch to the gem, and makes it easy to identify a diamond if it becomes lost or stolen. The service is available through local jewelers and is performed by the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) Gem Trade Laboratory.

A micro-laser beam can be used to etch a microscopic inscription on the girdle of any diamond weighing one-quarter carat or more. Popular romantic messages like Forever Yours, Till the Twelfth of Never and Always and Forever are examples of commonly inscribed messages. Poetry, symbols, names and special dates are also used. Since the message can be read only under magnification, customers can keep it to themselves or choose to share its existance with others.

In addition to personalization, inscription can provide peace of mind when making a diamond purchase. For example, diamonds graded by GIA Gem Trade Laboratory can have its unique Diamond Grading Report number inscribed on it for instant verification.

Demand for diamond inscription has grown, and there are no signs of it slowing down, at least that's the opinion of Thomas C. Yonelunas, chief executive officer of the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory. He told the press "We will inscribe anything within reason and taste."

The price of inscription is based on the weight of the diamond and the length of the inscription. A typical inscription takes up a maximum of 15 letters or spaces. For further information, contact your professional jeweler or visit www.gia.edu.

Portions of this article were originally published by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), are reprinted with permission, and are copyrighted by GIA.

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