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Top 4 Books About Diamonds


diamond buying guide
Diamonds, The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide
Here are descriptions of some of my favorite books about diamonds. Some books will help you buy diamond rings and other diamond jewelry. Other books tell you the stories about famous diamonds and their equally famous owners. Each author approaches the subject of diamonds with a slightly different twist, so if you're into diamonds, be sure to take a closer look.

1) Diamonds, The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide

An excellent reference for anyone who's looking for advice that only a jewelry insider can give. It contains all of the details you need to find and purchase a fine diamond, one that you love and can afford. Chapters devoted to the Four C's, details about diamond grading, facts about enhancements and common treatments, and price comparisons are just a few of the topics covered by Ms. Matlins.

2) Diamond Ring Buying Guide

The complete title for Renee Newman's book, "Diamond Ring Buying Guide: How to Evaluate, Identify and Select Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry," is a very good description of what you'll find between its covers. The book's intensive treatment of diamonds is enhanced by excellent color photos, some close-ups of internal characteristics you don't often see. A great educational resource.

3) Famous Diamonds

Ian Balfour's book is not for those seeking a diamond buying guide. It's a fascinating look at the histories of some of the world's most famous diamonds and the people who owned them. The author's many years of research resulted in stories of tragedy and uncovered the truth about many well known diamond legends. An expensive text, but a great read.
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4) Diamonds, Famous and Fatal

Leo Kendall delivers a book that delves into the history of diamonds in general, then moves forward to give us a look at famous owners and famous stones, many who didn't fare well in life after acquiring the diamond. Coincidence? You'll have to read these true accounts to decide.
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