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Can You Identify This Ring?
Great Grandmother's Ring
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Steve has asked our Jewelry community to help identify a vintage ring that belonged to his great-grandmother.

"Great grandmother's ring is pictured here. It's 1" long, 3/8" wide, a size 4. She was born in 1885, and the story is that she received this ring at her high school graduation in 1902 in South Carolina.

I believe the stones on the outside are Alexandrites, (3-4 points each) because of their "coke-bottle" greenish color. I'm not sure what the blue stone is.

I don't see a "makers-mark" anywhere on the setting, but I am guessing it is 14K gold. Does anybody know what period this ring is from? Whether it's American or European?

Thanks all!"

If you can help Steve identify this ring, the best thing to do is tell him directly by responding to his post in the Jewelry Forum.

Do you have a piece of jewelry you need help identifying? Post it in the forum or send me an email to put out a request to our readers.

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