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Average Healing Times for Body Piercings

How long should your piercing take to heal?


Best Body Jewelry Metals for Unhealed Piercings

Metals for Unhealed Body Piercings

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Here's a list of typical healing times for several popular above the waist body piercings. Your body might heal more slowly (or more quickly) than the norm, but don't get impatient if your navel piercing is still somewhat raw after 6 weeks.

Be sure to keep your piercings clean and use jewelry made from safe metals while they're healing. Ask your piercing pro for aftercare recommendations and see a physician if your piercing becomes infected.

It's always good to have an understanding of the time it could take to heal specific piercings before you make the decision to book an appointment for a procedure.

Common Healing Times

Earlobes: up to 2 months

Ear Cartilage: up to 12 months

Eyebrows: up to 3 months

Navel: up to 12 months

Nipple Piercings, Females: up to 6 months

Nipple Piercings, Males: up to 4 months

Nostril: up to 6 months

Lip: up to 2 months

Septum: up to 2 months

Tongue Piercings: up to 6 months

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