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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is always popular, and there are so many periods to choose from that you'll have no trouble at all finding vintage jewelry that suits your style. Use these vintage jewelry photo galleries and tutorials to learn more about antique and collectible jewelry.
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  2. Jewelry Periods / Eras (25)
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  4. Collectible Vintage Jewelry (19)

Informative Articles on Estate Jewelry
Learn the basics about antique and estate jewelry with our top five must-read articles.

Jewelry Design Eras

Best Places to Shop for Vintage Fine Jewelry
Where should you shop for heirloom jewelry? Learn about the best places to purchase a piece of vintage fine jewelry.

Types of Antique Sentimental Jewelry
Learn about different types of sentimental antique jewelry from the Victorian era.

Important Estate Jewelry Terminology
A glossary of terms commonly used in the antique and estate jewelry industry.

The Art Nouveau Era

Buying an Antique Engagement Ring

Resetting an Heiloom Diamond
Heirloom diamonds are handed down from one generation to the next, but sometimes their settings need to be repaired or replaced. Use our tips to make decisions about resetting a vintage diamond.

What is Hairwork Jewelry?
Learn about the jewelry Victorian women made from human hair.

A Look at Ancient and Vintage Jewelry
A collection of articles and photo galleries that focus on ancient and vintage jewelry seen around the world.

Jewelry on the Silver Screen
A gallery of jewelry worn by the memorable women who starred on the silver screen.

Exceptional Jewelry on the Auction Block
Jewelry auctions are a mixed bag, but they usually include designer jewelry, and auctioned jewelry that was once owned by celebrities and royal families is nearly always publicized. This Jewelry auction gallery offers a glimpse of fine jewelry from all over the world.

British Style: Vintage at Goodwood Festival
Pictures from the Vintage at Goodwood Festival, a celebration of British fashion, music and other arts from the 1940s onward.

Ancient Jewelry Photo Gallery
Photos of ancient jewelry from around the world. You might be surprised how modern jewelry trends mesh with jewelry worn by past civilizations.

Bakelite Jewelry History and Identification
Bakelite is a plastic that was originally used for industrial purposes, until designers found that its light weight was perfect for manufacturing inexpensive jewelry.

Do Mood Rings Really Work?
Mood rings (and other mood jewelry) changes color as the temperature of your skin shifts, but do they really indicate a person's moods?

What is the Difference Between Antique, Vintage, and Estate Jewelry?
Learn about the differences between antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and estate jewelry.

Timeline of Antique, Vintage, and Estate Jewelry

The Victorian Era

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