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What Is Boho Jewelry?

Boho Chic Jewelry and Accessories


Boho Jewelry
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When we're talking about fashion, the word Bohemian is used to convey an attitude and style that says free-spirited.

Called Boho for short, the Bohemian look is earthy and layered, with loose, flowing fashions and accessories that are often made from natural materials like linen and gauzy cotton, wood, stones and leather. Woven items are popular and so are beads that are used in jewelry and to decorate purses, belts or anything else.

Tunics work over skirts or pants and can be loosely belted if you like. Vintage jewelry and fashions always have a place in a Bohemian ensemble.

You can get a feeling for today's Boho chic look by gazing back at late 1960's to early 1970's flower child fashions -- not Mod, you want more of a "hippie" look. Twins Mary Kate and Ashley are two people who often dress in a Bohemian style. Sienna Miller is another. Looking at photos of celebrities can often help you pick up ideas for perfecting your own Boho look.

The best thing about the Bohemian look is that nothing has to "match." The pieces you choose should layer well and they work together to give you a classy, Boho chic appearance. Think ethnic. Think organic -- earthy colors and fabrics. Think relaxed. Think vintage. You'll have it made and will feel confident shopping for Bohemian style jewelry.

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