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Art Deco Jewelry - 1920-1930

The Art Deco movement introduced styles that often focused on bold colors and geometric shapes. Technology was emerging, and Art Deco was part of the new 'modern' look. Explore Art Deco jewelry here.

How to Identify Art Deco Jewelry
Learn how to identify Art Deco jewelry.

Art Deco Jewelry
Another wonderful page from the M. Schon Web site, full of photos of Art Deco jewelry, accompanied by text that explains each piece and gives insights into the lives of the jewelry designers and the people who wore their designs. By Richard Whitehouse.

Deco Art - The Art Deco Period
A brief discussion of the Art Deco Period, it's beginnings and historical events that brought it to a halt.

Recycling Vintage Rings
A look at vintage diamond engagement rings. The story focuses on rings from the Art Deco period.

The Twenties & Thirties
This is a gorgeous, photo-packed guide to costume jewelry in the 1920's and 1930's. The M. Schon Web sites explains why this era saw the birth of costume jewelry. By Richard Whitehouse.

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