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Our colored gemstone articles offer facts to help you become an informed consumer before you buy gemstone jewelry. Find gemstone care advice, information about treatments used to enhance gemstone appearance and more.
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20 Interesting Peridot Facts

10 Ruby Rings Under $1,000
Whether shopping for a ruby engagement ring, birthstone ring, or right hand ring, this list features 10 beautiful budget friendly ruby rings.

Interesting Ruby Facts
20 of the most amazing facts about Rubies, the official birthstone of July.

Interesting Alexandrite Facts

Interesting Emerald Facts
Twenty must-know facts everyone should know about emeralds.

Colored Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry
Guarantees that what you buy is exactly what’s advertised are only as good as the integrity of sellers who take your money, but knowing some of the warning signs can put you in enough of a questioning frame of mind to discover the truth about gemstones before you put down the cas

Gemstones from A to Z
Our gemstone tutorials cover buying advice, gemstone care and alert you to commonly used gemstone treatments and misrepresentations.

Value of Colored Gemstone Reports
Many organizations offer reports for owners and potential buyers of colored gemstones.

Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness
The Mohs Scale can help you choose and care for gemstones.

Most gemstones used in jewelry have been treated to improve their appearance. Treated gemstones are usually a less expensive alternative to natural, high quality stones, but be sure you understand the treatments before you buy.

Beware of Misleading Gemstone Names
Our translations help you understand the terms used to describe so-called gemstones.

Become a Savvy Gemstone Shopper
Hold off on that gemstone jewelry purchase until you understand which qualities to watch for when you go shopping.

Birthstone Jewelry by Month
Shop large collections of birthstone jewelry, all sorted by month to help you find the perfect styles.

Natural vs Genuine, What's the Difference?
Some of the words used in jewelry ads can be confusing. Do you know the difference between natural, genuine and synthetic gemstones?

Gemstone Fakes and Deceptions
Call them what you like: fake gemstones, imitations, or simulated gems -- they all have one thing in common, they look like the real thing, but do not have any of the physical characteristics of a real gem.

Birthstone Facts and Folklore
Certain gemstones have been linked to dates of birth for centuries. The specific gems and the folklore about them differed from one group of people to another, but they all believed that wearing your birthstone brought good luck. This article offers a snapshot look at modern birthstones, with links to more reading.

Buying Jewelry from Online Auctions
Tips to help you get the most from your online jewelry auction purchases.

Find a Gemstone in Your Favorite Color
Choose your favorite color and you'll find there's an affordable gemstone to match it perfectly.

How to Clean and Care for Colored Gemstones
Learn safe ways to clean and care for colored gemstones.

All About Citrine
Facts about citrine, a yellow variation of quartz, to help you buy citrine jewelry.

All About Tourmaline
Tourmaline is available in so many colors that you're sure to find a special piece of tourmaline jewelry.

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