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Birthstone Jewelry, January through December

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Birthstones have been linked to our dates of birth for centuries. Many cultures originally assigned a specific gemstone to signify birth during each sign of the zodiac, but over time the tradition shifted until it became common for a single gem to represent each month of the year.

Different cultures chose unique sets of twelve stones. The folklore attached to stones differed from one group of people to another, but they all shared the belief that wearing your birthstone brought good luck.

Birthstone jewelry is as popular today as it ever was, and it's plentiful -- we can choose from an endless selection of jewelry set with our own special gem.

Colored Gemstone Resources

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Almandite GarnetJanuary Birthstone: GarnetThe Cursed AmethystFebruary Birthstone: Amethystaquamarine jewelryMarch Birthstone: Aquamarine72 carat diamond sothebysApril Birthstone: Diamond Jewelry
emerald jewelryMay Birthstone: Emerald JewelryMarie Antoinette NecklaceJune Birthstone: PearlCarmen Lucia RubyJuly Birthstone: Ruby JewelryPeridotAugust Birthstone: Peridot
SapphiresSeptember Birthstone: SapphireCooper Pedy OpalsOctober Birthstone: OpalNovember Birthstone: Citrine or TopazYolanda Adams at the GrammysDecember Birthstone Jewelry: Turquoise Jewelry
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