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Body Jewelry

Use our tips to help choose body jewelry that's best for your piercings. Also find advice about earlobe gauging, pros and cons of piercing guns, and much more.
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Ear Gauging Advice
Learn to use gauging techniques to stretch the piercings in your earlobes.

Best Jewelry Metals for New Piercings
Use this advice to determine which metals are best for new, unhealed body piercings.

Find a Unique Toe Ring
Shop for toe rings, sold singly and in cost-saving sets.

Piercing Guns - Tell Us What You Think About Piercing Guns
Has someone used a piercing gun on you? Tell us about your piercing gun experience.

6 Reasons to Avoid Piercing Guns
Piercing guns have been around for many years, but are they safe? Six reasons why my answer is 'no.'

Body Jewelry and Body Piercing Advice
Use these resources to learn more about body piercings and to find and choose body jewelry that works with your piercings and your style.

Facts About Ear Piercing Variations
An explanation of different types of body piercing on the ear.

Healing Times for Above the Waist Body Piercings
Learn the average healing times for several common above the waist body piercings.

Body Jewelry Gauge Chart
A body jewelry gauge chart illustrates how jewelry thickness increases as its gauge number decreases (from 20 to 00 gauge).

Unique Belly Rings
We'll help you find belly rings that are more unique than some of the typical belly jewelry found in retail stores.

Getting My Belly Button Pierced
Just a little pinch and it's over. The lure of belly button jewelry finally convinced me to take the big step.

Selecting Gauge
Specialist Piercing outlines their recommendations for gauge (wire thickness) for piercings on different parts of the body.

Lip & Labret Piercings
Learn how lip and labret piercings differ.

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