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Fun, quirky, intelligent and goofy are all words that can easily describe the subject of this gallery. Kristen Bell is an actress who has been moving up the celebrity ladder by leaps and bounds, and her personal style has mirrored the climb. Whether Kristen is at a red carpet event or promoting one of her favorite charities, her jewelry is always stylish and appropriate. This gallery takes a look at her style throughout the past few years.

You can find Kristen on the big screen this fall in Couples Retreat, catch her each Monday in Gossip Girl, and follow her on twitter @IMKristenBell

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Kristen Bell Engagement RingKristen Bell's Engagement RingKristen BellKristen Bell - 2010Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2009Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2009
Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2009Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2008Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2007Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2007
Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2006Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2006Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2005Kristen BellKristen Bell - 2005
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