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Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement ring setting choices. Discover which diamond settings are most durable. Decide which engagement ring settings you think are most attractive. Advice to help you select an engagement ring.

About Invisible Settings
Invisible settings are used to form a continuous surface of diamonds in engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewelry.

Pavé Setting Defined & Illustrated
A close-up look at pave settings used in engagement rings and other jewelry.

Prong Settings Photo Gallery
Our gallery of prong settings illustrates some of the options for this popular setting method.

Resetting an Heiloom Diamond
It's not unusual for diamond rings to be handed down from one generation to the next, but sometimes their settings need to be repaired or replaced, and sometimes the settings don't suit your style at all.

All About Bezel Settings
Take a virtual tour of bezel settings if you'd like to see how much variety can be achieved with this lovely setting technique.

Channel Setting Facts and Photos
Our gallery of channel settings includes explanations to help you understand how the technique is used to create jewelry.

Invisible Settings Gallery
Invisible settings can be used to form a continuous surface of diamonds in engagement rings and wedding bands.

How to Choose a Prong Setting
Prongs are the most common settings used to secure a gemstone in a ring or other piece of jewelry. We'll help you choose prongs that work with your lifestyle.

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