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Gemstone Healing

Crystal healing has been used worldwide since ancient times. Our references explain how alternative health practitioners use some of the most popular gems, and can help you locate a school that offers classes about gemstone healing.
  1. Crystal Therapy Schools (5)

What Is Hematite?
Hematite is a stone that's important to alternative health practitioners who practice crystal healing techniques. We'll explain.

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing
Learn some of the ways rose quartz is used by crystal healing practitioners.

What's a Herkimer Diamond?
Herkimer diamonds aren't truly diamonds. Learn what they are and how the stones are sometimes used.

Aquamarine Crystal Healing
Aquamarine is often chosen as a source of crystal healing. Learn how practitioners use the stone.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Healing
Discover how alternative health practitioners use lapis lazuli.

Selenite Crystal Healing
Learn how alternative health practitioners use selenite for healing.

Crystal Therapy
Our Holistic Healing Guide describes crystal therapy, and offers advice to help you begin to practice the art.

Cleansing and Clearing Gemstones and Crystals
Read recommendations for cleansing and clearing your gemstones and crystals.

Healing Crystals with Purpose
Discover what it means when you are attracted to a particular gemstone.

Rose Quartz Meditation
Beautiful meditation utilizing the roze quartz "love" gemstone in clearing the heart chakra. From About's Healing Guide.

Judy Hall - Free Downloads
A long list of free downloads, mostly specific to the use of crystals. Judy Hall has written many informative books about crystal therapy and related topics.

Gem Lore - Dreamseeker
Folklore and traditional healing properties of gemstones, with photos of gemstone beads to help you see what each looks like.

Gemstone Lore & Metaphysical Properties
Traditional uses and folklore for many different gemstones.

Healing with Crystals
Information about gemstones commonly used by alternative healing practitioners.

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