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Evaluate Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is a term used to describe the absence or presence of a diamond's flaws -- internal inclusions and external blemishes that affect the gem's appearance, and sometimes its durability. Our tutorials cover the facts about diamond clarity and explain how it can be altered.

What You Should Know About Diamond Clarity
An understanding of diamond clarity, including ways it is manipulated, will make you a savvy shopper.

Judging Diamond Clarity
A perfect diamond with perfect clarity is rare, and most flaws cannot be seen without magnification. Learn how gemologists judge diamond clarity and how clarity affects the value of a diamond.

Diamond Blemishes
Our advice will help you when you shop for an engagement ring or any other diamond jewelry.

All About Diamond Inclusions, Also Called Flaws
Get the facts about diamond inclusions -- the flaws -- before you go shopping.

Treatments to Improve Diamond Clarity
Before you buy a diamond, it's important to understand how diamond clarity is sometimes enhanced -- some of the enhancements are not permanent.

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