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Get Familiar with Diamond Color

Ideally, colorless diamonds, also called white diamonds, should have no obvious yellowish or brown tinting. Our diamond color articles explain how the differences in color grades affect a gem's desirability, and include information about treatments used to enhance color, diamond fluorescence and more.
  1. Fancy Color Diamonds

What Is a Colorless Diamond and How Is it Judged?
Of the Four Cs, the (lack of) color in a white diamond is possibly the most important. Learn how to interpret diamond color variations before you go shopping.

Enhancing Diamond Color with Special Treatments
Diamonds can be manipulated in ways that improve their color. Some of the treatments are permanent, but others are not. We'll explain.

Diamond Fluorescence
Fluorescence is a characteristic that makes some diamonds appear to shift color in different types of light? Is that bad? Maybe... we'll explain.

Understanding Diamond Color
Learn how to evaluate a diamond's color and discover how color affects diamond price and desirability.

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