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A Guide to Diamond Cuts

Your might be surprised to learn that a diamond's cut does not refer to its shape. Use our tutorials to learn about the techniques used to cut diamonds, now and in the past, and discover which types of diamond cuts are most popular. A diamond's cut is important, because it affects the gemstone's beauty, value and durability.

Learn About Diamond Cuts
What's a brilliant cut? A cushion cut? Get the facts about contemporary and vintage cuts you will see when you shop for diamond jewelry.

The Importance of a Diamond's Cut
A diamond's cut does not refer to its shape. It indicates a gemstone's proportions, such as its depth and width and the uniformity of its facets.

Which Diamond Cuts are Best?
A look at some of the cuts considered 'best' by jewelers.

Brief History of Diamond Cuts
Text and illustrations to show us how the art of diamond cutting has changed over time. By Gary Dutton.

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