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Get the facts you need to make decisions when it's time to shop for diamond jewelry. Our diamond guide covers the Four Cs of white and colored diamonds, along with facts about diamond fluorescence, commonly used treatments that enhance a diamond's appearance and much more.
  1. Diamond Ring Settings
  2. Diamond Clarity (5)
  3. Diamond Color (5)
  4. About Diamond Cuts (4)
  5. Diamond Carat Weight (3)
  6. Diamond Shapes (3)
  7. Conflict Diamonds (6)
  8. Diamond Treatments (5)
  9. Diamond Cleaning & Care (2)
  10. Fancy Color Diamonds (4)
  11. Diamond Grading (3)
  12. Synthetic Diamonds (2)

How to Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips for Buying a Diamond Online
It's scary to purchase a diamond over the internet, but with these tips, buying diamonds online has never been so easy and cost saving.

Best Places to Shop for a Diamond Online
Find out which websites are the best for purchasing a loose diamond online.

Diamonds - Learn About the Four Cs of Diamonds
There are several characteristics that work in sync to create a diamond's appearance and durability. Four important factors are often lumped together. Called the Four Cs, they include diamond color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Each of the Four Cs is important, but there's no set "recipe" for the perfect diamond. And although the topics might...

5 Ways to Make a Diamond Look Larger
Use our advice to buy a diamond that looks large than its true carat weight.

All About the Four Cs
Four important factors that control a diamond's appearance and durability are often lumped together and called the Four Cs: diamond color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Learn to combine the Four Cs in different ways to find the best diamond for you.

Black Diamonds
Get the facts about black diamonds and find out where you can purchase these subtle, but lovely, gems.

Making Diamonds From Human Ashes
Would you wear a diamond made from human ashes? Some companies are offering memorial diamond services.

Meet The Diamond Divers
Meet the Diamond Divers, a crew of guys from the Pacific Northwest who mined diamonds off the coast of South Africa.

"Diamonds, The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide"
A review of the book "Diamonds, The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide."

Learn to Evaluate and Buy Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry
Our tutorial helps you become familiar with the world of diamonds. Find advice that helps you evaluate and buy a diamond that's right for your needs.

Diamonds from Around the World
Extreme diamonds seen around the world, like the platinum skull with back to back diamonds, royal jewelry and more.

Free eCourse - the Four Cs
This eCourse takes you step-by-step through the Four Cs, with materials arriving in your in-box once each week for four weeks. Work at your own pace to sort out the facts you need to buy a diamond.

"Diamond Ring Buying Guide," by Renée Newman
Renee Newman's book, "The Diamond Ring Buying Guide," is a reference that can make your shopping easier.

History of The Hope Diamond
A history of the Hope Diamond, with photos of its traditional setting, a new setting created by Harry Winston, and Evalyn McLean, the gem's last private owner.

Sotheby's Breaks Multiple World Records at Jewelry Auction
Sotheby's started off the spring auction season by breaking multiple world records at their Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewelry auction on May 13th in Geneva.

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