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Get the Facts About Fancy Color Diamonds


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How Fancy Color Diamonds Are Named
Aurora Collection of Fancy Color Diamonds

The Aurora Collection is made up of 296 naturally colored diamonds. Owned by diamond collectors Alan Bronstein and Harry Rodman, they are on display in a new gallery at the Vault, in London.

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The diamond pros at AMGAD specialize in natural fancy color diamonds and other fine gemstones. I was excited to their yes response when I asked staff to participate in this tutorial about color diamonds.

Visit every page if you want to learn color diamond pricing details, read facts about the special Four C's of color diamonds, find out all about popular pink diamonds and see pictures that will make you decide to add a fancy color diamond to your wish list.

What colors do fancy color diamonds exist in?

AMGAD: Natural colored diamonds come in all shades, hues and colors of the rainbow, with some of the most popular colors being shades and combinations of pink, blue, brown, yellow, orange, green and red. They are generally smaller than other diamonds and are used primarily in fashion jewelry. Yellow is the most commonly-occurring fancy color, while red, blue and green diamonds are extremely rare.

How can we interpret color names for fancy color diamonds?

AMGAD: The predominant hue is always expressed as a noun, such as "pink." Any secondary colors will precede the primary hue and are usually expressed with an "ish" at the end, such as purplish pink. This means that the primary hue of the diamond is pink with some hints of purple throughout.

If the grade is stated as two nouns--like "brown pink," it means that the two colors are virtually even throughout the diamond.

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