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Get the Facts About Fancy Color Diamonds


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All About Pink Diamonds
Fancy Pink Diamond

0.64 fancy intense pink diamond with two small white trapezoid diamonds.


Are pink diamonds rare?

AMGAD: Natural fancy pink diamonds are rare, and account for only a fraction of one percent of the Argyle Diamond Mine's entire production of pink diamonds. Pink diamonds mined in India, Brazil and Africa are usually lighter in color than the intensely pink Argyle diamonds.

So there are many shades of pink diamonds. How are they classified?

AMGAD: Pink diamonds are primarily divided into five color categories:

  • Pink
  • Purplish pink
  • Brownish pink
  • Orangey pink
  • Pink champagne

The richness of the pink diamond color is categorized by GIA's nine-tiered color intensity rating system (see page 2).

Of the pinks, which ones are most difficult to find?

AMGAD: Pink diamonds with no secondary coloring are the rarest and most expensive of all pink diamonds. This color of pink diamond ranges from a faint pink, resembling a white diamond with just a slight pink hue, to very sweet colored fancy pink, to an vivid pink, also referred to as a "raspberry pink," and finally a deep, almost reddish pink. The closer to red a pink diamond's coloration is, the more rare it is and thus the more expensive.

What's a desirable clarity for a pink diamond?

AMGAD: Most available pink diamonds will be I1-SI clarity, but VS, VVS and internally flawless pink diamonds are available from some wholesalers and usually command a premium price.

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