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Black Diamonds

A Bit About Those Trendy Black Diamonds


We've seen thousands of black diamonds on celebrity wrists and fingers in the last few years, and more of the gems fashioned into long chains and other types of necklaces. Black diamonds are often used alone in jewelry, but sometimes designers mix them with white or fancy color diamonds (or other colored gemstones) that reflect the light, adding brilliance and sparkle that the opaque black diamonds can't quite manage on their own.

Like other color diamonds, a black diamond may not be a pure or intense color. It could be tinged with another hue or possibly exist in a lighter, dark gray to charcoal-like shade. A high percentage of the black diamonds you'll encounter when you shop have been treated to intensify their color. That's perfectly fine, as long as the treatments are disclosed and the jeweler tells you exactly how to care for your new jewelry.

Onyx is another black gemstone that's had an upsurge in popularity lately, but we often see onyx set in both white and yellow metals, while black diamonds are typically set in either platinum or white gold.


Designer Jewelry with Black Diamonds

Jennie Garth Wearing Black Diamond Jewelry
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In this photo, Jennie Garth is wearing a black diamond and platinum cocktail ring and a platinum cuff bracelet set with white and black diamonds. Her ring and cuff are both by Neil Lane. Click on the image for a closer look at Jennie's jewelry.

More Black Diamond Jewelry:

Circle Pendant with White and Black Diamonds

Black Diamond Circle Pendant
My Jewelry Box

This 10 karat gold circle pendant is just under an inch in width and comes with an 18" long chain that's held in place with a spring ring clasp. The pendant is set with .25 carats of small white diamonds, mostly around the edge of the circle. The same carat weight of black diamonds defines the pendant's floral-like appearance.

14 Carats of Diamonds in an 18K White Gold Bracelet

Black and White Diamond Bracelet

A few words of warning -- this 14 carat diamond bracelet is not the best choice for someone on a budget. But it's gorgeous, so I had to include it. The .75 inch wide bracelet is made with 18K white gold and held on the wrist by a box clasp with a safety device. Seven "stripes" created by round diamonds encircle its 7-inch length -- 268 white diamonds and 201 black diamonds, for a total weight of 14 carats.

Bony Levy Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamond Ring

Pave set diamonds (1.30 carats in all) completely cover the top of this black ion-painted stainless steel ring. The ring is about 1" in width and will look right at home on your index or middle finger.

Black Diamond Eternity Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Black Diamond Eternity Ring

Just over one carat of prong-set black diamonds encircle this 18K yellow gold eternity ring -- one of the few black diamond pieces I've found set in yellow gold. Made in Italy, the ring arrives in the company's signature gift box. The description included with this ring mentions white gold -- if it's the perfect ring for your needs make a call to verify that a yellow gold setting is your top choice.

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