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Guide to Diamonds and Other Gemstones


Our guide to diamonds and gemstones helps you get the facts you need to make smart jewelry buying decisions. Find out how diamonds and colored gemstones can be manipulated to make them more attractive, and decide if treated gemstones are a good option for your purchase. Explore precious metals, gemstone shapes and colors and popular setting methods. Learn about gemstone imposters, too, to avoid a surprise later when you find out that a 'gem' is made of glass or another inexpensive material.
  1. All About Diamonds
  2. About Colored Gemstones
  3. Explore Specific Gemstones
  4. Learn About Pearls
  1. About Gold, Platinum and More
  2. Jewelry Insurance & Documentation
  3. Alternative Healing with Gemstones
  4. Gem Mining

All About Diamonds


Four important diamond characteristics are known as the Four Cs: diamond color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Each quality is important on its own, but it's up to you to combine the four in different ways to find a diamond that suits your style, your needs and your budget. Once you've mastered the Four C's, be sure to explore other important diamond qualities.

About Colored Gemstones

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are always popular, but it's important to learn a few facts before you buy gemstone jewelry. For instance, some jewelry stores use 'creative' names for stones that mimic the real thing. Understanding a gemstone's durability will help you store the jewelry and care for it without causing damage. Use our advice to learn about common gemstone treatments and much more.

Explore Specific Gemstones


Are you interested in learning about a specific gemstone? Start here, because our articles cover many of the most popular colored gems.

Learn About Pearls

Marie Antoinette Necklace

Pearls are an organic gemstone, but not "organic" in the context you might think. An organic gemstones is derived from a living organism. Use our articles to learn about pearls and to shop for pearl jewelry.

About Gold, Platinum and More

Gold Bracelet from Pompeii

Precious metals make up the backbone for the bulk of our jewelry. Use this guide to learn about gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals that you'll encounter when you shop for jewelry.

Jewelry Insurance & Documentation

Green Diamond

What information should you receive when you order a jewelry appraisal? Are your positive that your jewelry is insured? Do some background reading on appraisals and lab certificates before you buy, and don't let your fine jewelry come home until you're sure it's covered in case of a loss.

Alternative Healing with Gemstones

Rose Quartz Wands Used During a Facial

Many people who practice alternative healing use gemstones in their practice. Do you believe that gemstones have healing properties?

Gem Mining

Blue Ridge Turquoise Mine

You'll find gemstone mines throughout the United States, and some of them are set up for visitors who want to spend a day or two searching for their own gemstones. If you've never tried it, consider a visit the next time you're near a mine, but go prepared: wear old clothes and trim your nails -- you might be sifting through muddy, rock-filled baskets.

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