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Diamond Shapes - Preview Popular Diamond Shapes

This guide to diamond shapes offers a preview of many shapes that are popular for diamond engagement rings and other types of diamond jewelry.
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About Diamond Cutting Styles
The Gemological Institute of America puts diamond cuts into three basic categories. When you break it down like that, cut really isn't confusing at all. Here's a look at the cutting styles you'll encounter when you shop for a diamond.
Diamond Shapes (Including Variations)
This is helpful information, because it illustrates the differences you'll see within each shape. For instance not all oval diamonds are alike, likewise with many other shapes. By Diamondinfo.com.
Diamond Shapes - Tutorial
DiamondGrading.org offers an excellent, multi-page article about diamond shapes. It goes a step further, because it also explains many of the the mechanics of a diamond cut, giving important advice to help you select a diamond.
Diamond Shapes
Take a step-by-step look at the different types of diamond cuts and the variations in each one. The information includes photos, text, schematics, and tabular data to help you learn more about cut diamonds.
Diamond Shapes
DiamondInfo.org provides details about the shapes you'll encounter when you shop for a diamond ring.
Fancy Shapes
A complete explanation of many cut diamond shapes. By Gary Dutton.
How To Choose a Fancy-Shaped Diamond
Blue Nile offers this excellent tutorial to help you choose a fancy-shaped diamond. Easy-to-understand text, great graphics.
Shapes and Cutting Styles
A Diamond is Forever illustrates the seven basic cutting shapes for diamonds and tells us which shape accounts for over 75% of diamond sales.
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