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How to Choose a Diamond Cut


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Step Cut and Mixed Cut Diamond
Pink Fancy Color Diamond

Intense Pink Emerald Cut Diamond in Center


Step Cut Diamonds

A step cut diamond has sloping, four-sided facets that are cut below the table and run parallel to the diamond's girdle.

Step cut diamonds have fewer facets than brilliant cut diamonds. The baguettes set on each side of the center diamond in this engagement ring are examples of step cut diamonds.

Emerald cuts are step cuts with their corners clipped off. Emerald cuts are usually rectangular, although their proportions can differ significantly, from very narrow rectangles to squares. Emerald cut diamonds tend to have more facets than baguette diamonds.

The Asscher cut is a related, vintage cut that's emerging as a modern favorite. You'll hear more about Asscher cut diamonds on page 3.

Step Cuts and Flaws

One caution, the open appearance of some step cut diamonds can make large inclusions, internal flaws, more obvious in the set stone.

Mixed Diamond Cuts

Mixed cuts include faceting elements from both the brilliant and step cut techniques, either side by side or in different areas of the gemstone. Mixed cuts are frequently used for colored gemstones.

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