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How to Choose a Diamond Cut


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Vintage Diamond Cuts
Pink Cushion Cut Diamond

5.23 cushion cut pink diamond with white diamonds

Old Mine Cut: A square, but with gently rounded corners and brilliant-style facets. The crown is typically high, the table is small, and the culet is large enough to be visible through the top of the stone.

Old European Cut: A diamond cut that is much like the old mine cut, but round in shape.

Cushion Cut: Another diamond cut that resembles the old mine cut, but the gemstone is more of a rectangle.

Rose Cut: A vintage diamond cutting style, with brilliant-type facets arranged in groups that make the gemstone resemble an opening rosebud.

Asscher Cut: Developed early in the twentieth century and popular again today. This diamond cut resembles an emerald cut, but is square, with wide step facets and deeply clipped corners that make the diamond look like an octagon. The Asscher cut produces more fire than you see in a typical step cut diamond.

Julia Roberts wowed us at an Academy Awards presentation several years ago when she wore earrings made from a total of 10 carats of Royal Asscher Cut Diamonds. The diamonds were set in 18K Gold and enhanced by round brilliant diamonds.

Modern, patented Asscher cut diamonds have more facets, a larger table, and smaller clipped corners than their vintage counterparts.

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