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How to Choose a Diamond Cut


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Patented Diamond Cuts
Modern technology has made it possible for diamond cutters to develop what seems like a never-ending range of cuts:

Crisscut, by Christopher Designs, which has a series of criss-crossed facets that increase the diamond's brilliance.

Leo Diamond®, gems that are measured and certified for their high return of light, a characteristic that controls brilliance.

Quadrillion, by Bez Ambar, a square shaped diamond with sharp corners and forty-nine facets. The facets produce a star-shaped effect in the middle of the diamond.

Trielle, from Trillion Diamonds, a patented triangular diamond that looks larger than its total carat weight implies.

That's a tiny sampling of the special diamond cutting styles you might see when shopping for diamond jewelry, but you can be sure that new styles will continue to emerge as technology advances.

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