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Enamel Jewelry Designers - Enameling

Enameling is the fusion of a special powdered glass to metals. The glass can be applied using different techniques, but all methods use heat to melt the powder. View designer enamel jewelry and get details about the process used to make it.

Allen Heywood Enamels
A look at the process of enameling from a talented artist. This page doesn't focus on jewelry, but the larger pieces shown are great visuals.

Antique Enamels and Jewelry
Judith Andersen talks about the history of enameling and explains three different enamel techniques. Striking photos illustrate each type.

Enamel - What Is It?
An explanation of enameling with a little bit of history thrown in.

Enamored of Enamel
Susan Crawford explains how she first started collecting enamel jewelry. Photos accompanied by text help us become more familiar with the variations found in this type of jewelry.

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