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Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are the number one engagement ring choice, but other gemstones are gaining popularity with brides to be. Use these tools to find and buy the perfect engagement ring.
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  2. Special Occasion Jewelry
  3. Engagement Ring Budget (3)
  4. Engraving Your Rings (2)
  5. Engagement Ring Settings (8)
  6. Vintage Engagement Rings (6)
  7. Wedding Bands (15)

Creative Ways to Propose

Solitaire Engagement Rings with Round Diamonds
Solitaire engagement rings set with a single round diamond are classic, and always in style, no matter what the current trends may do. We'll help you explore the variations.

Platinum vs. White Gold

Engagement Rings with Princess Cut Diamonds
Find an engagement ring that features a Princess Cut diamond. You'll find a wide range of styles in this collection of lovely engagement rings.

Halo Engagement Rings
A focal diamond (or other gem) is surrounded by a halo of smaller gems to create this popular type of engagement ring. We've found some of the best.

How to Find an Inexpensive Engagement Ring
We'll help you find an inexpensive engagement ring with plenty of WOW factor.

Engagement Ring Advice for Guys
Our advice helps you analyze your fiance's lifestyle and preferences before you buy the engagement ring.

5 Ways to Make a Diamond Look Larger
Five ways to buy a diamond that looks larger than its true carat weight.

Chooosing a Diamond Shape and Cut
Tips to help you find an engagement ring that will fit you just right and be comfortable to wear every day.

How to Use a Jewelry Loupe
Even beginners can use a jewelry loupe to view gemstones and jewelry up-close. Our advice will help you choose a loupe and learn to use it.

Engagement Ring Options
A step-by-step approach to selecting the perfect engagement ring.

Find a Diamond Anniversary Ring
Find several types of wedding anniversary rings and eternity rings.

Shop for Platinum Engagement Ring Settings
Platinum is durable, and an excellent metal for wedding rings, because it will not wear away with constant use.

Show Us Your Engagement Ring
Readers share pictures of their engagement rings with the community at About.com Jewelry.

Engagement Rings Trends and Advice
Need some help navigating the huge array of engagement ring choices? Our resources will get you there.

Explore Engagement Ring Trends
Explore contemporary and classic engagement rings to find the perfect ring for your fiance.

Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings
You'll find there are many alternatives to diamonds when you shop for an engagement ring.

Show Us Your Engagement Ring
Share a photo of your engagement ring with the jewelry community.

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