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Jewelry Companies Offer Replicas of Camilla Parker Bowles' Engagement Ring

Inexpensive Versions of Camilla's Engagement Ring


It didn't take jewelry wholesalers long to put together knock-offs of the engagement ring Prince Charles gave to Camilla Parker Bowles when they became engaged in February, 2005.

Camilla's platinum engagement ring appears to have an emerald cut center diamond with three diamond baguettes going down each side.

ASDA, a British retail store that's a subsidiary of WalMart, will sell replicas of the platinum and diamond ring for £19, or about $36 US, starting on April 8th, the day Charles and Camilla will wed. The rings will be made from sterling silver and cubic zirconias and the company plans to sell only 1,000 of them.

ASDA also announced plans to sell a platinum and diamond replica for £30,000. That version will contain diamonds weighing a total of 3 carats. Camilla's vintage engagement ring, said to have been owned by the late Queen Mother, reportedly contains 8 carats of diamonds.

If there's a demand for the rings, no doubt other jewelry makers will produce their own replicas. Would you purchase one? Take our poll.

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