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How to Choose a Diamond Shape and Cut


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Round Diamonds for an Engagement Ring
Floating Halo Engagement Ring

Floating Halo Engagement Ring with Round Focal Diamond

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Choosing an engagement ring can be overwhelming if you go shopping unprepared, because there are many decisions to make before you find the "best" engagement ring for your tastes and lifestyle.

You'll see the term ideal cut when you shop for an engagement ring. The term means that the diamond has been cut in a way that makes the best use of its characteristics, even though more of the rough stone must be removed to achieve the cut.

Remember that cut and shape are related, but refer to two different characteristics. Flip through the following pages to view some of the popular diamond shapes and cuts you'll see when you explore engagement rings.

Round Diamonds

Round is the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. Of all the rounds, the round brilliant cut ranks number one.

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