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How to Choose a Diamond Shape and Cut


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Square and Rectangular Diamonds
Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

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Square and rectangular diamond shapes include the princess cut, emerald cut and radiant cut.

Rectangular shaped diamonds are aren't always a standard rectangle, with long sides that are twice the length of short sides. You'll also find diamonds shaped like bars and in other proportions.

  • Princess cuts are brilliant cut diamonds.

  • Emerald cut diamonds have clipped corners, and the clips provide a perfect spot for prongs to hold the stone in place. The emerald cut is also referred to as a step cut.

  • The overall shape of a radiant cut diamond is similar to the shape of an emerald cut diamond, but the radiant cut's faceting is different -- it gives the diamond a sparkle more like the a brilliant cut.

  • Some inclusions might be more apparent in a rectangular cut stone.

  • The Asscher cut is a vintage diamond cut that's popular with brides. Asscher cut diamonds have clipped corners that are sometimes deep enough to make the diamond appear to be an octagon.

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