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Celebrity Trends

Celebrity jewelry is fun to look at, and is nearly always a good preview of upcoming jewelry trends. If you see a certain style of jewelry on a popular celebrity today, chances are you'll soon find the same designs (usually minus the platinum and diamonds) in jewelry stores. Our celebrity galleries give you an up-close look at jewelry, and usually included detailed descriptions from designers.
  1. Red Carpet Jewelry (88)
  2. Jewelry at Movie Premieres (20)
  3. Celebrity Engagement Rings (7)
  4. Royal Jewelry (13)
  5. Film Festival Jewelry (8)
  6. Celebrity Jewelry Profiles (23)
  7. Fashion Week Jewelry (27)
  8. Hats, Bags & More (8)
  9. Jewelry Designers (38)

Jewelry from the 2014 Tony Awards

Jewelry from the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

April Red Carpet Jewelry Looks
A collection of the best fine jewelry looks of the red carpet for April, 2014.

2012 Met Gala Jewelry
The annual benefit for the Costume Institute is always a fun place to see a mix of quirky and classic designer jewelry.

Designer Jewelry at the 2011 Costume Institute Gala
Some of the designer jewelry worn to the 2011 Costume Institute annual gala suited the theme -- Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

Celebrity Jewelry at the Met Gala - 2010
Bold necklaces were trendy at the 2010 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute annual gala.

Jewelry at the 2008 Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Instit…
Celebs strutted their style at the 2008 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala for the opening of the exhibit "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy."

Jewelry on the Silver Screen
A look back at some of the jewelry worn by the unforgettable women who starred on the silver screen.

Celebrity Jewelry at the Super Bowl - 2010
Jewelry seen around Miami at parties and other events leading up to the Super Bowl, 2010.

What Are Olympic Gold Medals Made Of?
Learn how Olympic Gold medals are designed.

Celebrity Cocktail Rings
Do you love cocktail rings? Take a sneak peek at some of the cocktail rings celebrities are wearing and then use my links to steal their style.

Celebrity Engagement Rings
Like other celebrity jewelry, celebrity engagement rings can forecast trends in engagement ring design. Look closely at some high profile engagement rings in this popular celebrity photo gallery.

Best 2010 Celebrity Jewelry Trends
Take a look back at some of the best celebrity jewelry trends of 2010.

Should Celebrities be More Sensitive About the Poor Economy?
Should celebrities tone-down their jewelry during a worldwide recession, or are their ensembles a fun diversion, no matter what the economy is like?

Michael Jackson Memorabilia Auctioned in New York
Photos of a few classic items owned by Michael Jackson, auctioned in November, 2009.

Do Celebrities Own all of the Jewelry they Wear?
Have you ever wondered if celebs buy the jewelry and fashions they wear? It's often on loan from a jeweler. We'll explain.

Celebrity Look-Alike Jewelry
You can wear jewelry that looks just like the pieces worn by your favorite celebrities, but costs a whole lot less. My look-alike jewelry gallery shows you how.

Celebrity Jewelry Watch
A look at some of the jewelry seen on celebrity wrists, ears and necks -- all on loan from famous designers, of course.

Jewelry at the Dolce & Gabbana Party
Diamonds ruled at the annual Dolce & Gabbana party held at the Cannes Film Festival. May 2008.

Stars for a Cause Jewelry
Celebrities participated in the Stars for a Cause by collaborating with Robyn Rhodes to design jewelry to be auctioned for charity.

Pink Party Designer Jewelry - 2010
Yellow gold and chunky necklaces were among the designer jewelry trends seen at the 6th Annual Pink Party, held in Los Angeles in fall, 2010.

Celebrity Jewelry Hits and Misses
Celebrity jewelry sets trends sometimes, but would you wear this celebrity jewelry? Take a look and then tell us what you think.

Top Books About Famous Jewelry
All of the jewelry books in this collection focus on famous jewelry designers and the celebrities who loved to wear their designs.

The Splendor of Diamonds Exhibit
Seven of the worlds most rare and valuable diamonds were exhibited at the Smithsonian in 2003.

Super Bowl Ring Photo Gallery
It's the ultimate ring for a pro football player--the Super Bowl Championship Ring. Only a few people ever own one of these collectible rings, which have gone from simple to ornate since the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl I in 1967.

"A Treasure's Trove" Treasure Hunt
Michael Stadther has always loved treasure hunts and knew that one day he would write a story that would provide children and adults with fun, entertainment and the possibility of finding a real buried treasure. The result of his efforts is a fairy tale that encourages careful reading, puzzle-solving and exploring.

Own a Chunk of Fallingwater
Frank Lloyd Wright fans will appreciate this line of jewelry, fashioned from chunks recovered from the restoration of Fallingwater, one of his most famous home designs.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers Have a New Home
See a pristine pair of ruby slippers from 'The Wizard of Oz,' and learn about their new home.

Celebrity Jewelry, Past and Present
Come along as we take a look at celebrities, past and present. Have their styles changed since fame came around? You decide.

"Her Name is Barbra"
Results of the auction for over 400 items Barbra Streisand wore during her long career.

Jewelry at Inaugural Events, 2013
A peek at some of the jewelry and accessories seen during the Presidential inaugural events, 2013.

Designer Jewelry Trends at the 2013 SAG Awards
Keep track of designer jewelry at the 2013 SAG Awards.

Celebrity Jewelry in 2009
Take a close look at jewelry trends seen around the world in 2009.

Jewelry Trends on the 2011 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Which designers did celebrities turn to for their walk down the 2011 SAG Awards red carpet?

Jewelry on the 2012 SAG Awards Red Carpet
Jewelry definitely lit up the 2012 SAG Awards red carpet. The Jewelry site at About.com gives you a close-up view of the night's best looks.

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