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Celebrity Jewelry

Jewelry Trends on the Red Carpet and at Other Celebrity Events


Helena Bonham-Carter Red Queen Clutch

Helena Bonham-Carter attends the Royal World Premiere of 'Alice in Wonderland' at the Odeon Leicester Square on February 25, 2010 in London, England.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Celebrity Jewelry

Keeping an eye on celebrity jewelry is an excellent way to monitor current jewelry trends and preview styles that may be popular in a season or two. Celebrities have access to the newest designs, and it isn't unusual for a piece of jewelry worn by a popular star to quickly become a hot fashion trend.

Oscars Jewelry

You can always count on the Academy Awards' red carpet to showcase trends in fine jewelry. It's the place to see platinum and diamond jewelry, although yellow and white gold has become popular in recent years. Colorful and rough diamonds have also become a popular red carpet look.

2011 Oscars Jewelry
2010 Oscars Jewelry
2009 Oscars Jewelry
2008 Oscars Jewelry
2007 Oscars Jewelry
2006 Oscars Jewelry
Best Oscars Jewelry of the Decade, 2000-2010

2008 Oscars Preview Event
2006 Oscars Preview Event
Harry Winston Oscars Collection
A Celebration of Oscars Fashion

2011 Red Carpet Events

2011 Grammy Awards Jewelry
Jewelry at the SAG Awards, 2011

Jewelry Trends at 2010 Red Carpet Events

BAFTA Awards Jewelry
Golden Globes
Grammy Awards
NAACP Image Awards
SAG Awards

Celebrity Style

Celebrity Engagement Rings
Celebrity Cocktail Rings
Jewelry Around Super Bowl, 2010
Celebrity Jewelry, Then and Now (Individual celebrity style, past and present.)
Met Gala, 2008
Celebrity Handbags

Celebrity Jewelry Profiles

Kristen Bell
Kristen Stewart
Dakota Fanning
Jennifer Hudson
Madeleine Albright Pins
Kate Beckinsale
Sarah Jessica Parker
Natasha Richardson
Michelle Obama

Outrageous Fashion

Alexander McQueen Show, Everything And the Kitchen Sink, Paris, 03/09
Swarovski Runway Rocks
A Love Affair with Hats
Blow Presents, London Fashion Week, 09/09

Fashion Show Runways & Front Rows

Jewelry Around London Fashion Week, 02/10
New York Fashion Week, 02/10
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2009
New York Fashion Week, 09/09
London Fashion Week, 09/09
Hats at London Fashion Week, 09/09
Venexiana Show, New York, 02/09
Charlotte Ronson Show, New York, 02/09
Jason Wu Show, New York, 02/09
Louis Vuitton, Paris, 09/08
New York Fashion Week, 09/08
Australian Fashion Week, 09/07
London Fashion Week, 09/07
New York Fashion Week, 09/07
Designers for Darfur, 02/07

Jewelry at Charity & Fund Raising Events

Stars for a Cause
Cartier Love Charity Event

Jewelry Trends at 2009 Red Carpet Events

American Music Awards
Country Music Association Awards
Golden Globes Jewelry
Grammy Awards Jewelry
Goya Awards Red Carpet
Primetime Emmy Awards
MTV VMA Red Carpet Jewelry
MTV Movie Awards
SAG Awards
Teen Choice Awards
BET Awards Jewelry
British Soaps Awards
Celebrity Jewelry at the Tony Awards

Jewelry Trends at 2008 Red Carpet Events

BET Awards Jewelry
Grammy Awards Jewelry
MTV Movie Awards
SAG Awards
Teen Choice Awards
10 Faces of Eva Longoria

Jewelry Trends at 2007 Red Carpet Events

2007 MTV Video Awards
Golden Globes Jewelry

Celebrity Jewelry at Film Festivals

Jewelry at Cannes, 2009
Jewelry at Cannes, 2008
London & Rome Film Festivals, 2008
Dolce & Gabbana Party at Cannes, 2008

Jewelry Trends at Movie Premieres

Alice in Wonderland Royal Premiere in London, 02/10
New Moon, 2009
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
The Women
Sex and the City New York Premiere
Sex and the City London Premiere

Jewelry on the Political Front

Inauguration Day, 2009
Inaugural Balls, 2009
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