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Cartier Love Charity Event

Cartier's Third Annual Loveday Celebration, 2008


Cartier's LOVECHARITY bracelet was created in 2006, and is made from a colored cord connected to a ring of LOVE. Cartier donates a portion of its receipts from sales of the bracelet to charity, and each color represents a different cause:

  • blue for children

  • pink for the underprivileged

  • red for research

  • green for the environment

Different charities are recipients, depending on the part of the world sales take place -- for the U.S. it's the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. The 2008 benefit marks the third year for Cartier's annual Charity event to kick off sales of the bracelets, and celebrities who attended were dripping with Cartier jewels.

Origin of Cartier's Love Bracelet

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cartier love braceletsLove Bracelets in the Boutique Cartier in Milan, ItalyGiorgia Surina JewelryGiorgia Surina at the Charity Bracelet Launch in MilanDaniele Bossari, Lucilla Agosti, cartier love braceletDaniele Bossari and Lucilla Agosti at the Milan EventAshanti Wearing Cartier JewelryAshanti Wearing Cartier Jewelry
Emmy Rossum Wearing Vintage Cartier JewelryEmmy Rossum in Vintage Cartier JewelryEve Wearing Cartier JewelryEve Wearing Cartier Tassel NecklaceBridget Moynahan Wearing Cartier JewelryBridget Moynahan Wearing Cartier Panthere JewelryFergie, cartier love braceletFergie Wearing Loads of Cartier Jewelry
Hilary Duff Wearing Vintage Cartier NecklaceHilary Duff Wearing a Vintage Cartier NecklaceChloe Sevigny Wearing Vintage Cartier JewelryChloe Sevigny Wearing a Vintage Cartier Brooch and EarringsEva Mendes Wearing Retro Cartier JewelryEva Mendes in Retro Cartier JewelryNicole Richie Wearing Cartier JewelryNicole Richie Wearing Cartier Onyx, Diamonds, Sapphires & Gold
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