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Elizabeth Taylor

A Look Back at Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry.. on and off the Screen


Elizabeth Taylor: February 27, 1932 - March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the few celebrities who have been able to make a successful transition from child actress to adult celebrity. We think of her as glamorous, always beautiful no matter her age, and as a collector of fine jewelry. We remember her eight marriages (two to fellow actor Richard Burton) and her devotion to charitable causes. But I wonder if members of younger generations remember her acting legacy?

Elizabeth Taylor won two Academy Awards for Best Actress (Butterfield 8 and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) and was nominated in the same category three more times. She was presented with the Academy's Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1992. Elizabeth accepted Golden Globe awards, honors at BAFTA and awards from numerous other organizations. Liz's talent was versatile, landing her roles in films and on Broadway.

Liz's love of jewelry was every bit as legendary, and her collection was reportedly valued at $150-million at her death (much of it will be auctioned to raise money for AIDS research). Christie's in New York will auction Elizabeth Taylor's collection of jewelry and other items in December, 2011. Flip through the gallery to take a look back at some of the jewelry Elizabeth Taylor wore on-screen and off during her 7-decade acting career.

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Elizabeth Taylor JewelryElizabeth Taylor - 1944Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor - 1948Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor - 1950Elizabeth Taylor JewelryElizabeth Taylor - 1952
Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor - 1953Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor - 1955Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie FisherElizabeth Taylor - 1961 (Oscar Win for 'Butterfield 8')Elizabeth Taylor as CleopatraElizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra - 1963
Liz Taylor Cartier Diamond Ring - Taylor-Burton DiamondTaylor-Burton Diamond - 69.2 caratsElizabeth Taylor JewelryElizabeth Taylor - 1967Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor - 1967Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor - 1981
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