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Jewelry Trends

Watching for Jewelry Trends at Celebrity Events


Watching what celebrities wear to events like the Academy Awards and Golden Globes is one way to keep up with current jewelry trends. The jewelry is usually high-end, and borrowed, and definitely not what the celebs wear everyday, but it's often a good predictor of jewelry trends and a nice look back at vintage pieces. And I'll admit it -- a 1,400 carat diamond necklace is amazing to look at.

1. Jewelry at the Oscars, 2008

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Red gowns were tops, with black following a close second, but diamonds and platinum were on nearly every woman, no matter what type of gown she wore. Diamond hair accessories were popular and so were brooches. Some celebrities chose wide, but open, bracelets. Others, like Renee Zellweger, opted for a medley of bracelets to wrap around their wrists -- hers are from Cartier. And Nicole Kidman -- this long rope-like necklace was reportedly set with 7,600+ rough and cut diamonds.

2. Earrings at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2008

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Earrings were a hit at the 2008 SAG Awards. Long drops and pendant earrings were popular, and so were chandelier earrings of all sizes, from delicate to overpowering. Small and large hoops were another popular look, with Angelina Jolie and a few other celebrities wearing hammered and diamond-studded versions.

3. Jewelry at the Grammy Awards, 2008

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Celebrities at the 50th Annual Grammys were all about diamonds. Earrings of all sorts were a hit, and so were rings and wide or stacked bracelets. Glitzy clutch bags completed the looks. I love the earrings Alicia Keys wore. They're from Diamonds in the Rough, with gently curved, diamond studded pendants that hang below her ears.

4. Academy Awards Fashion Preview Event, 2008

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
The Academy Awards Annual Fashion Preview usually gives us a good preview of the jewelry and fashion trends we'll see on the red carpet. Jewelry at the 2008 preview glittered with diamonds set in platinum and gold. Wide (but open) necklaces and bracelets were popular and so were long drop earrings. Did the preview predict what we saw on the Red Carpet? You'll have to take a look.

5. Jewelry at the Oscars, 2007

© Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Wide and stacked bracelets and bangles, plus all sorts of earrings, were the main jewelry events at the 79th Annual Academy Awards Presentations in 2007. Gown styles were as varied as usual, but beads, jewels, glitter, feathers and other types of embellishments were rampant, making low-key jewelry more important.

6. Jewelry at the Oscars, 2006

© Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Some Oscar gowns were absolutely flowing, like the styles women wore in classic musicals. Other gowns looked a little harder to navigate in, and like something you'd see on a 1958 Barbie, but they all came together to create a feeling of vintage glamour at the 2006 Academy Awards. Jewelry was mostly understated, but elegant, with white and colorful diamonds on lots of ears.

7. Jewelry at the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards

The Golden Globes and Emmys are formal, and another place where celebrities wear elegant jewelry, but they usually choose styles that are a little more subdued than what we see at the Oscars. The jewelry is more in-tune with what we might wear ourselves, even if we buy 14K gold instead of platinum and pink topaz instead of a fancy color diamond.

8. More Oscars Jewelry

Take a peek back at awards events from previous years, including vintage jewelry and fashions that have helped shape our styles over the decades.
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