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Celebrity Jewelry in 2009

Celebrity Jewelry at the Emmys, Grammys and More


Jewelry at the MTV Movie Awards, 2008

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Celebrities wore a wide range of jewelry to the MTV Movie Awards ceremonies. The ever-present diamonds and platinum attended, but in trendier pieces. Big earrings were popular -- like chandeliers, hoops and pendants.

Jewelry at the Grammys, 2008

Singer Alicia Keys arrives at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, 2008
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
When you're talking jewelry, the 50th Grammy Awards were all about diamonds - earrings, bracelets, (big) necklaces, rings. The Diamonds in the Rough earrings that Alicia Keys wore were a big hit.

Jewelry at the BET Awards, 2008

Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
If I had to describe the jewelry at the 2008 BET Awards in one word it would probably be textured. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces were multi-faceted, sometimes formed from layers of wire or deeply etched gold.

10 Faces of Eva Longoria (Alma Awards, 2008)

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Eva Longoria Parker hosted the 2008 ALMA Awards and walked on stage with ten completely different looks -- ten hairstyles, ten gowns and ten groups of jewelry. It must have been hectic to make ten quick switches, but the number was fewer than she managed at the 2007 show.

Jewelry at the Teen Choice Awards, 2008

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
The Teen Choice Awards are an annual event where teenagers vote for their favorite stars. The award? A life-sized surfboard. Jewelry at this awards program is more down to earth -- things that all of us would wear. Sure, you'll find high-end jewelry here, but celebrities are more likely to leave the big diamonds at home and show up in trendier, more affordable jewelry.

Jewelry at the Golden Globe Awards, 2006

Reese Witherspoon at the 63rd Annual Golden Globes
Earrings were a big hit at the 63rd annual Golden Globe awards, but celebrities wore a mixture of styles to the event, like long necklaces, oversize rings and plenty of bangles and cuffs.

Jewelry at the MTV Video Awards, 2007

Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images
The highlight (not) at the 2007 MTV Video Awards was Britney Spears, whose "performance" left everyone who saw it wondering if her career was over.

Jewelry at the Academy Awards (2006 Forwards)

Nicole Kidman arrives at the 80th Annual Academy Awards, 2008
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
A look at the jewelry worn for multiple years of Academy Awards presentations and glimpses of jewelry, gowns and accessories shown at the annual Oscars Preview event. You'll also find a gallery that looks back at vintage Oscars fashion.
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