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Earrings to Wear with a Little Black Dress

Earrings that are Simple but Elegant Additions to Your Ensemble


Do you wear that little black dress because it makes a statement? Simple -- elegant -- minimalist? Or do you wear it because it'll fit any dressy occasion? No matter why you wear it, these earrings will work with your LBD. They all give your ensemble some splash and glitz -- but without looking like a set of headlights stuck to your ears.

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replica earringsCatherine the Great Earringsblack diamond earringsBlack and White Diamond Earringsdiamond stud earringsDiamond Stud Earringstahitian pearl earringsTahitian Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings
sterling silver earringsSterling Silver Circle and Rectangle Drop Earringsdiamond earringsCarriere 'Circle of Life' Baguette Diamond Earringsgarnet earringsGarnet Teardrop Earringsmurano glass earringsMurano Glass Ball Gold Plated Drop Earrings
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