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1928 Jewelry Photo Gallery

Finely Detailed Recreations of Vintage Jewelry


For nearly four decades, 1928 Jewelry has made a name for itself by creating finely detailed--and affordable--fashion jewelry replicas of vintage pieces. Since then, the company has expanded to include other jewelry labels, including the Vatican Library Collection, a line that reproduces jewelry and other objects found among the collection of artifacts in the Vatican City library. Another label, called Antiquities, is a personal favorite.

The pictures of jewelry in this photo gallery show you just a few pieces from 1928 Jewelry's collection. If you like vintage jewelry, and haven't worn this brand, definitely take a look. You'll love what you see.

Images 1-12 of 12
Salamander BroochSahara Drop EarringsChandelier EarringsDragonfly Organza Necklace
Multi Row Necklace in RoseCrystal & Pearl Y-NecklaceBeaded ChokerBrass Filigree Bracelet
Enamel Butterfly BraceletBridal Crystal BraceletCrystal Tiara, Bridal CollectionButterfly Barrette
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