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2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Miranda Kerr Wore the $2.5 Million Dollar Bra on the Victoria's Secret Runway


It's All About Angels for the 2011 Victoria's Secret fashion show, which introduces the retailer's Dream Angels® lingerie and fragrances. Models were dressed to theme by wearing all sorts of wings, from feathered varieties, to lace to neon -- most definitely not the general attire we think of when angels come to mind.

Model Miranda Kerr wore the bra. Dubbed The Fantasy Bra the pastel blue bra is set with about $2.5 million in gemstones, and was part of the Angels Aquatic, portion of the show, where mermaid-like angels (and their lingerie) were outfitted with pearls and shells.

The Victoria's Secret fashion show is always a fun place to kick back and just enjoy the imaginations of the designers behind the scenes who send out the models covered with more jewelry and accessories than you'll ever see on another runway. The show was filmed on November 11th, but will air on CBS on November 19th, 2011.

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Miranda Kerr 2.5 million dollar Victoria's Secret BraMiranda Kerr Wearing the $2.5-Million Fantasy Treasure BraMiranda Kerr on Victoria's Secret RunwayMiranda Kerr in Red on the Victoria's Secret RunwayAlessandra Ambrosio Victoria's SecretAlessandra AmbrosioLiu Wen Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowLiu Wen
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