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Gem Mining - Stories and Facts About Gem Mines

Read interesting stories about gem mining throughout the world. Personal accounts and facts about gem mining.

North Carolina Ruby Mining
Come with me on a virtual tour of a ruby and sapphire mine in Franklin, North Carolina. I'll bet you never knew that playing in the dirt could be this much fun.

Orvil Jack Turquoise
A history of the Orvil Jack turquoise mine, where lush green turquoise is found.

Mining Operations at the Blue Ridge Turquoise Mine
Here are a few photos of turquoise mining, shared by Grace Wintle, an owner of the Blue Ridge Turquoise Mine in Lander County, Nevada, the mine that produces Orvil Jack turquoise.

A House Built on a Gem Foundation
Read about the history of gem mining in and around Franklin, North Carolina, and hear the story of Will Holbrook, who built his home's foundation out of gravel full of rubies and sapphires.

Emerald City, North Carolina
If production continues, James Hill's finds at his mine near Hiddenite, North Carolina, might offer us a supply of quality American emeralds.

Gem Travels
John McLaughlin tells us the story of his experiences digging for opals in Nevada and sunstones in Oregon.

The Mogok Story
Burmese rubies are one of the most desirable stones. Here's an interesting story of the people and mining operations found near the city of Mogok.

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