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Gold and Gold Jewelry - Gold Facts and Buying Advice

Pure gold is very soft and not suitable for most types of jewelry. Learn how we've overcome that obstacle and how the solution impacts the color, durability, and pricing of our gold.
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Gold Jewelry Facts
Gold was one of the first metals ever discovered. Learn more about your gold jewelry with these five important facts.

Gold Filled
Definition of the term gold filled. From the About Jewelry Glossary.

All About Gold
Use our tips to learn how gold is manipulated to create the karat markings used on jewelry.

How Does Gold Change Colors?
Manufacturers can easily change the color of gold, and while they tones are all lovely, the changes can create problems.

Women's Gold Chain Necklaces
Gold chain necklaces are at home with nearly any fashions you want to wear. Switch from casual to dressy if you like--your gold necklaces will work either way. Some of the necklaces in this collection are smooth and delicate. A few have a bolder look, with lots of chain links to create plenty of texture.

Gold Education
This information explains the differences in gold karat measurements. Learn how added metals affect durability and change the color of gold. Basic care instructions are included.

Jewelry Manufacturing Terminology
Learn the differences between the gold-filled, gold-plate, gold-electroplate, and other terms you might see when shopping for gold jewelry.

Old Gold and New
A Lapidary Journal feature about gold and the attraction we've had to it since ancient times.

What is White Gold?
Find out how the yellow color of gold is camouflaged by adding other metals. One of the most commonly used metals could cause health problems for some individuals.

Why Does White Gold Turn Yellow?
Find out what gives your "white" gold its color and learn why the color can appear to change.

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