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Jewelry Careers

Learn more some of the options you can choose from if you would like to pursue a career in the jewelry industry.
  1. Jewelry Associations (6)
  2. Jewelry Schools (9)
  3. Gemologist Training (3)
  4. Jewelry Shows (5)
  5. Crafts Schools (3)

Jewelers Flock to Las Vegas for Top Three Trade Shows of 2014

Working in the Jewelry Profession
If you'd like to pursue a career in the jewelry business, we can help, and there are lots of options.

Become a Gemologist
Get the facts you need to pursue a career in gemology.

Become an Independent Jewelry Designer
One career option in the jewelry industry is to become an independent jewelry designer.

Bench Jeweler Career FAQ
Questions and answers to help you understand the skills required to be a bench jeweler.

How to Become a Horologist
Horologists are people who make and repair watches and clocks. Find schools and learn about watchmaking career opportunities.

Maya Brenner: a jewel of a career
Especially for those who would love to change careers, but need some inspiration to do it. Maya went from social worker to successful jewelry designer. By Lesley Creegan for CNN.

On Jewelry Career Options
Charles Lewton-Brain discusses numerous options for careers within the jewelry industry. For Ganoskin.com.

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