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Gemologist Career FAQ


Gemologist Career FAQ
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What is a gemologist?:

A gemologist is a person who has been thoroughly trained by a reputable gemology school to identify, grade and price gemstones. Many gemology schools exist worldwide, and each one uses its own terms to describe people who have passed the courses required to be considered a certified gemologist.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers a Graduate Gemologist Program. When studying with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), you must first obtain the Foundation Certificate in Gemmology, followed by the Diploma in Gemmology.

Schooling is available from other sources linked below.

Do gemologist programs include diamond studies?:

Programs include varying amounts of coursework about diamonds, but in-depth diamond studies are available for students wishing to continue their education. Explore each gemological program to determine if it includes work with diamonds, and if additional courses are available to dig deeper into that topic.

Do I have to take full-time classes at each program's home base?:

For many programs, full and part-time courses are available regionally, and it's usually possible to complete some of your coursework by studying at home, sometimes referred to as distance learning. If you choose to work from a distance, you may be required to attend at least some of your classes in person.

Some colleges and universities offer traditional, on-campus coursework in gemology studies.

What kind of jobs are available to gemologists?:

Gemologists work in all areas of the jewelry industry. You could become an appraiser, or work in a lab that grades gemstones. Wholesale and retail job opportunities are also available. You may choose to expand your education and become a jewelry designer. Gemologist career opportunities are varied and widespread.

Graduation from gemology school is just the beginning, and in most cases will qualify you for entry level positions. As with any career, expect to develop your skills as you gain on-the-job experience.

Starting pay varies as much as job choices.

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