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Jewels by Jessica


Jewels by Jessica

Jessica Anne Rachel Josafat

Jewels by Jessica

Jewels by Jessica, the Face Behind the Name:

Jessica Anne Rachel Josafat designs the custom jewelry for sale at Jewels by Jessica. Also an interior designer, Jessica attended Vacalo College of Applied Arts and Middlesex University of London.

Jessica's workshop and showroom is located in Athens, Greece, but her jewelry designs are international. She participated in the first fashion week in Athens, Moda Athena, with both a showroom and catwalk exhibition.

Jessica's Specialties:

Jessica designs one of a kind jewelry, some of it using vintage pieces brought back to life by reworking them to create modern designs with a classic look. She has a funky side, too, which she shows off in brightly colored pieces fashioned from trendy plastics and other materials.

Jewels by Jessica also offers a line of bridal jewelry. She creates several jewelry collections each season.

Where to Buy Jewels by Jessica:

You can buy Jessica's jewelry directly from Jewelsbyjessica.com. The Web site also lists other sources for Jessica's creations.

Preview her work in the Jewels by Jessica photo gallery.

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