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Start here if you want to buy jewelry. You'll find all sorts of jewelry -- fashion jewelry and fine jewelry -- to suit every style and budget.
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Fine Vintage Jewelry in New York City

Jewelry Sales for Those Last Minute Gifts
Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries -- have you put off buying an important gift? Find jewelry stores that can ship in a hurry, and often have great sales, too.

Shop for Tiny Lockets
These little lockets are (mostly) designed for children, but some styles are perfect for adults, too. Necklaces with tiny locket pendants work perfectly when layered with other necklaces.

Jewelry Videos
Our jewelry videos offer advice to help you evaluate and buy jewelry, and tips for taking care of it after you get home.

Where to Find Cheap Jewelry
No matter how you label it -- as inexpensive or affordable or cheap -- budget jewelry isn't difficult to find. There are plenty of sources for jewelry that looks great, but doesn't put a huge dent in your bank account.

Best Jewelry Trends, 2010
Asymmetrical designs with colors and materials drawn from nature are among the best jewelry trends of 2010.

Budget Bangles
The trendy bangles and cuffs in this collection all prove that stylish jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. Wear the bracelets alone or stack them on your wrists, and remember -- bracelets don't have to "match."

Shop for Bracelets
Find all sorts of bracelets, from wooden bangles and beads to bracelets set with diamonds and colored gemstones.

Shop for Earrings
Changing your earrings is an easy way to alter your look, even if you don't make other changes to your ensemble.

Find a Pair of Sunglasses
Most sunglasses available today offer good UV protection, whether they're cheap or pricey. Browse this collection for a wide variety of styles in all price ranges.

Luxury Jewelry Top Picks
No budget to worry about? Are you ready to spend any amount you like on jewelry if you find that "perfect" piece? Get started here.

Shades of Blue Jewelry
Jewelry in cool shades of blue is perfect for summertime, but works for any season.

Betsey Johnson Jewelry
I've always been a big fan of Betsey Johnson's designs, and the wonderful thing about her jewelry is that it's not at all expensive.

Critter Brooches
Have fun wearing one of these little brooches, all shaped like animals and insects.

Tribal Beaded Jewelry
Tribal inspired beaded jewelry remains a popular look, and it's a look you can get with a minimal investment.

Holiday Jewelry Sales
Looking for holiday jewelry bargains? Star here, with this rundown of jewelry sales for the 2010 winter holidays.

Ash Holder Pendants
Shop a selection of ash holder pendants, sometimes called cremation jewelry.

Cuff Bracelets and Necklaces Priced Under $50
An assortment of hand-picked jewelry we love, cuff bracelets and necklaces priced under $50.

Best Friends Necklaces and Other BFF Jewelry
Shop this large assortment of Best Friends necklaces and other BFF jewelry.

Valentine's Day Jewelry Advice
Advice to help you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Why Buy When You Can Borrow?
Learn about Bag Borrow Or Steal, where you can sign up to borrow couture handbags and jewelry.

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