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Best Friends Necklaces

You'll Love this Assortment of Best Friends Necklaces and Other BFF Jewelry


Holidays, birthdays, any special occasion or no occasion at all... best friend necklaces and other bff jewelry is always a winner. You'll find many kinds of best friend designs in this collection: best friends necklaces and pendants, charms, bracelets and even friends-themed jewelry boxes.

Best Friend Necklaces and Pendants

Forever Friends Pendant Necklace
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
Many of the necklaces in this collection are very traditional, and are fashioned from hearts that are engraved with the words Best Friends. Some hearts split in two, so that each person can wear half, but others are solid shapes. You'll find pendant necklaces themed for moms and daughters here, too, along with several styles of lockets. Quite a few of the designs are contemporary, and are often created with bold splashes of color. You'll find circular shaped, engraved pendants that hang from chains or leather straps, and a good portion of the designs are created using charm-like pendants in varying sizes.

Best Friends Charms and Enhancers

Best Friends Charm
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
Browse a wide variety of best friend themed charms, some engraved. Many charms are actually beads that can be strung onto a chain and worn as pendants, although others are more suitable for adding to a charm bracelet. A high percentage of the charms and enhancers in this collection are fashioned from sterling silver, but you'll find other metals, too. Charms that work with the popular Pandora jewelry line are included in the assortment. You'll find charms that depict hand gestures, peace symbols and charms that simply say BFF -- it is truly a large assortment, and includes a range of prices that should suits the needs of nearly any budget.

Best Friends Bracelets

Best Friends Leather Wrap Bracelet
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
Another varied collection, and one that includes lots of best friends bangles. Sister-themed bracelets are part of the mix, and like other jewelry, so are bracelets designed for mothers and their daughters. Several bracelets in the assortment are made with Swarovski crystals, and others are fashioned from metals only, often sterling silver. Most are either engraved with words that express friendship, or sport shapes that convey the same thought. You'll also find quite a few cute leather wraps and inexpensive braided bracelets in a rainbow of colors.

Best Friend Jewelry Boxes

The jewelry boxes in this assortment are all designed to fit the Best Friends theme. A few are meant for sisters to share and some are styled for moms and daughters. The materials and styles vary -- you'll find wooden jewelry boxes, including styles with inlaid tops, and boxes made from glass or metals. A few are trinket boxes, with figures of two girls sharing secrets or strolling arm-in-arm. Some of the jewelry boxes play music.

Best Friends Religious Jewelry

The majority of styles in this assortment are pendants with a religious theme, but a few engraved rings are included too. Most of the jewelry is made from sterling silver, but a few styles mix silver with yellow gold.

Best Friends Belly Button Jewelry

Most of the styles in this collection of belly rings are split designs -- you'll wear one half of a heart or other shape and your BFF will wear the other. Be sure to read descriptions carefully to be sure the metals used are appropriate for both you and your friend.

Best Friends Italian Charms

Although we don't see as many Italian charm bracelets as we did just a few years ago, they're the perfect way to display best friends statements and symbols. Some of the charms can be personalized, and overall you'll find a nice assortment of charm styles.
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