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Jewelry Videos

Jewelry Buying Advice from Industry Experts


Our jewelry video library is expanding, and includes advice from experts who specialize in a variety of topics throughout the industry. Scroll through the list to see which videos are of most interest to you, and be sure to check back for additions to the library.

Learn How to Gauge Your Earlobes

Ear Gauging Video
Meagan Riley
Earlobe stretching is commonly known as gauging. The process is gradual, and a way to stretch your earlobes enough to wear thicker-than-traditional body jewelry. Watch this video for an explanation of ear gauging, to see a selection of jewelry that you can wear after the lobes are stretched, and for advice to help you get through the process safely, with no damage to your ears.

Read more about earlobe gauging.

How to Tell if Gold Jewelry is Fake

How to Tell if Gold Jewelry is Fake
Heidi Dehncke
Use the tips in this jewelry video to help determine if jewelry is really made from gold. Learn which markings to watch for and what the markings mean. Hear a discussion about techniques some have used to identify gold in the past... but that might not be accurate.

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Homemade Solutions for Cleaning Gold

Video - How to Clean Gold
Nick Morgan
You don't need a commercial product to clean your gold jewelry. Watch this jewelry video to learn how to make your own jewelry cleaning solutions from products that are already in your home, and find out how to change the cleansing method for gemstone jewelry.

Another video in the library offers some different suggestions for cleaning and caring for gold jewelry.

Wedding Band Options

Wedding Band Options Video
Heidi Dehncke
When you begin to shop for wedding bands, you'll discover that the band selections for men and women are endless. This jewelry video gives you a preview of the types of wedding bands available, explains some of the terminology used to describe the rings and offers tips to help you narrow your search.

How to Clean and Care for Turquoise Jewelry

Video: How to Clean and Care for Turquoise
Gretchen Siegchrist
Turquoise is absorbent and can be easily scratched, so turquoise jewelry requires careful cleansing and safe storage. This jewelry video covers the must dos of turquoise care, and discusses safe ways to clean sterling silver jewelry that's set with turquoise.

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Wedding Ring Stone Cuts & Shapes

Wedding Ring Trends
Heidi Dehncke
This video previews some of many cuts and shapes of diamonds (and other gemstones) you'll see in today's wedding rings. The video helps you preview trends and become familiar with the huge variety of rings in jewelers' cases, and includes a look at styles that can replace the traditional engagement ring / wedding band duo.

Silver Polishing Advice

Video: How to Polish Silver
Jonathon Stewart
Sometimes it's best to take a conservative approach when you clean sterling silver jewelry. Use the advice in this video and you won't be as likely to damage and devalue your sterling pieces.

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