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Precious Metals

Precious metals are the backbone for the bulk of our jewelry. Use this guide to learn about gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals that are used in jewelry.
  1. Engraving Your Jewelry
  2. Gold Jewelry (18)
  3. Platinum Jewelry (6)
  4. Precious Metal Clay Jewelry (4)
  5. Sterling Silver (10)

Frequently Asked Ring Sizing Questions
Everything you need to know about getting your rings re-sized with the answers to these commonly asked jewelry questions.

Gold Jewelry Facts
Gold was one of the first metals ever discovered. Learn more about your gold jewelry with these five important facts.

Popular Jewelry Metals
Gold, platinum, silver, titanium... Here are the facts you need to choose the "best" metal for your next piece of jewelry.

Platinum vs. White Gold

All About Gold
Our advice explains the varying percentages of gold found in jewelry.

Best Jewelry Metals for New Piercings
Learn which metals are safe to use in unhealed body piercings, and which ones are best to avoid until your piercing is healed.

Why Does Jewelry Stain My Skin?
Has your jewelry ever stained your skin? We'll explain why, and offer some solutions to help you avoid the problem.

Allergies to Metals in Jewelry
Learn which metals used in jewelry are most likely to cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Back to the Future Bronze Age
Maggie Snell and Vanessa Paterson furnish an article that's a series of photos and text of bronze, copper, and brass jewelry.

Jewelry Metals
Here's a description of several metals used in the jewelry industry.

Neon Rainbow
Many jewelry designers are choosing the metal niobium when they want to add a splash of color. From Lapidary Journal.

What is Mokume?
Learn more about this process, where thin layers of metals are fused together with heat, then manipulated to form a burled wood-like pattern.

What You Should Know About Titanium
Titanium is growing in popularity. It's hypoallergenic, which means most people can wear it with no problems. This page describes the color variations we see in titanium and gives a little information about caring for the metal.

What IS Pinchbeck?
Although not a precious metal, Pinchbeck is a collectible 17th Century alloy with a close resemblance to gold.

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