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Recycle Your Jewelry to Create New Designs


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Easy DIY Jewelry Makeovers
diy jewelry

Tools to help you work on DIY jewelry.

Carly Wickell

Easy DIY Jewelry Makeovers

Do you own costume jewelry that you'll never wear again? Most of us own jewelry from a few years or longer ago that doesn't suit our style or the current trends. Don't tuck it in a drawer you'll never open, because it's easy to use DIY jewelry makeover techniques to give your dated jewelry a fresh new look. And if you don't like the new jewelry you create, it's just as easy to take the pieces apart and configure them in a different way.

For ideas, read about a couple of related art forms that are all about recycling:

Assemblage Art

You'll need a few tools to get started with your DIY jewelry makeovers:

  • Inexpensive jewelry making pliers and a wire cutter to open linking components and to clip away areas that aren't needed (craft stores sell inexpensive sets for $5-$7, sometimes less).

  • Slow-setting epoxy to glue components.

  • E6000 glue (optional) for fine detail work.

  • A package of jump rings (metal rings that can be opened and shut with pliers, used to connect components) in a color that matches the metals you'll be working with. Base metal jump rings are inexpensive and can be purchased in packets of 50 or 100 or more.

  • It's helpful to have a little silk thread or other pliable beading string.

Before you get started, look through your old costume jewelry for styles you haven't worn forever == anything you're willing to clip apart will get you started with do it yourself jewelry makeovers.

Next Step: Where to find cheap jewelry to fill-in your DIY jewelry chests.

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